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Drum Major Gloves -- PURCHASE SEPARATELY at (Color: White)

Drum Major Gloves -- PURCHASE SEPARATELY at (Color: White)

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DO NOT just click Add to Cart on this Shepton.Shop site as we do not carry these items on this site. You will NOT receive these items unless you buy them from here.  

Purchase the rest of the necessary supplies on here: Drum Major Gloves | Band Shoppe


IMPORTANT:  On the website, ** Please make sure to select WHITE for the Drum Major Gloves. **

Please use the link below to go to to purchase the brands our Director of Bands has chosen for Drum Majors. Please do not shop around for other brands as the entire band must have a consistent look to perform their best at shows and competitions. 

If for any reason you are unable to purchase the supplies at this time, please call or email our Director of Bands to let us know as the Shepton Band Boosters have a band scholarship program that students may apply to if need-be.

CLICK ON THIS LINK ==> Drum Major Gloves | Band Shoppe


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