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10th Grade BUNDLE

10th Grade BUNDLE

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Band Parent PLEASE type your students name below so we know whom to give the Polo to!! THANK YOU! We will distribute these in class when we get them.🙏⬇️🔻👇 PLEASE Type your STUDENT'S FIRST & LAST NAME HERE 🔻👇🔻👇

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The 10th grade band essentials bundle includes:

  • Annual membership (for provision of tutors, contest entry fees, judge fees), $125; 
  • Summer band camp (2-3 weeks), $40; 
  • Game day dinners before each of 10+ football game (served after school, before getting on the bus), $75;
  • Snacks (on the bus and in the band hall), $25;
  • Uniform cleaning fee (note: the uniform is owned by Shepton & is lent out FREE of charge), $25;
  • 1 "Pink Out Day" t-shirt, $20;
  • NOTE: For 10th graders, uniform gear is presumed to have been purchased last year as a 9th grader (spirit shirt, polo shirt, band socks, band shoes, band gloves so NONE of these are included in this bundle. Must be purchased SEPARATELY is you don't have these as a 10th grader).

IMPORTANT for 2024-25 Year only: THIS YEAR THE SHOWSHIRT MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY -- not included in the bundle because the band does not yet have its musical theme for the year. We will send an email out when the Show Shirt is available for purchase.

Uniform should look the same: For a performances-based course, uniform gear & supplies are paramount to creating the band's marching shows and concerts during the year. Therefore, please do not shop around for other brands that might look different than the rest of the band members.

If for any reason you are unable to purchase the supplies at this time thru this website, please call or email our Director of Bands to let us know as the Shepton Band Boosters have a band scholarship program that students may apply to if need-be. 

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